August 30/02 

    Check Gun Models 1 for new Cpt.Glimsharp Animated  Model!


August 29/02

    Sorry for being gone so long but heres a big update so look around!

Mid Day Update: New Gun added. Just came out!

Mid mid Day Update: New Cpt.Glimsharp models in gm 1

August 23/02   

    There be a new gun today and a good one at that. Keep ur eyes open for more today.

August 18/02

    Hi im back and the website design is nearing a close thanks to Iron Cross.

Here are some funny pics to hold you till next update.

August 12/02

Move over Silent Death and hello Iron Cross with a new banner.


August 11/02

    Entropy And CHAOS have finally released their FJ Pack Get em right here

Changes for the FINAL include:
* Different helmet shells for each class  some with Wire mesh
* Different Camo color variants for each class
* Different trousers  Tropical TAN & Standard OD  (shared among classes). 
* M43 Field Cap for FJ Officer  with helmet mounted to belt.
* Bandoleers for the Sniper Class ( not pictured )
We also incorporated the Swiss shovel  for those who already use our shovel skin replacement.
Other features:
* Accurate Apple Green Helmet color for Light Infantry 
  (Tan and Dark Grey for others)
* Accurate brown leather k98 pouches on belt. 
* Accurate MP44 Pouches for Heavy, 
* Accurate Feld Grau tunic with FJ collar insignia under smock.

More site designing is going on now. 

August 10/02

    Site Design is changing thanks to Silent Death.

Also I'm releasing my very own pack 

Preview under the photo section


August 8/02

New start up screen available today

 Preview Here || Download Here


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